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May, 2019

Each month 10 stories are selected for your reading pleasure.


Wuthering Heights is a classic of English literature -- a story about love, jealousy, and revenge. No picture. (Read)
Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son is a series of letters from a self-made merchant to his son about life and success. Many pictures. (Read)
Mansfield Park is a romance story between a poor girl and her cousin of a rich family. No picture. (Read)
The Importance of Being Earnest is a satirical play on the stupidity of the society in the Victorian period where people could not tell what were important and what were not. No picture. (Read)
Emma is a romance story about a privileged girl trying in vain to arrange a marriage for a friend. No picture. (Read)


My Father's Dragon is a story about a young boy rescuing a baby Dragon. Lots of lovely pictures. (Read)
Mr. Wicker's Window is an addictive story about a lonely boy discovering his ability to travel back in time, fight the villain, and retrieve treasure from China. Numerous pictures. (Read)
The Adventures of Grandfather Frog teaches children to expand their horizons and learn something new everyday. Many beautiful pictures. (Read)
Us and the Bottle Man tells the adventure of three children when they throw into the sea a bottle stuffed with a message pleading for rescue. Some pictures. (Read)
The Chinese Fairy Book is a collection of popular Chinese fairy tales such as 'The Lady Of The Moon' and 'The Herd Boy And The Weaving Maiden'. Some pictures (Read)


In 2010, I came across Project Gutenberg where you can find thousands of interesting stories to read free of charge. So, I decided to help by selecting some of the stories and formatting them for easy reading on mobile phones and tablets: one set of images for phones and one set for tablets.

On February 8, 2011, I published the first story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. On May 2, 2012, I moved my stories to a permanent place on Since then, I have added hundreds of stories to this website.

In 2017, I learned the Bootstrap responsive website design framework and subsequently consolidated to have just one set of files for each story. I also moved the stories to which gives a hint of flying high and as freely as you want in the reading arena.

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